Monday, 19 October 2015

Graduation ceremony!

I'm just checking in to my blog to commemorate my graduation ceremony for my BA HONS degree which was held today! I'm absolutely elated to say that I've not only achieved a first class honours but I've also received the department prize for best performance on my course. To everyone who reads this: 1) never give up and 2) don't forget that hard work most definitely pays off! ^_^

I now need to power through my postgraduate course! 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Mother's Day Dinner at the Mariners.

For Mother's Day (last Sunday) my family (excluding the father) met up with some other family friends for a very delicious lunch. We went to a place called the Mariners which is a "floating restaurant" (we ate in a docked boat) serving French food. It was possibly the best dining experience I have ever had. The food was amazing and we had a very friendly and funny waiter. The only problem was the food did take quite a while to arrive but that can be forgiven because everything else was on point! For Mother's Day, a 3 course meal was £31.95pp. The restaurant also has great reviews on tripadviser so if you are ever in the Suffolk area (Ipswich to be precise) then I would definitely recommend you to go. (Note: I think the opening times are 12pm-2:30pm and 7pm-9:30pm Tuesday-Saturdays and closed Sundays-Mondays but don't quote me. I'd book a table first just in case.) If you follow me on my instagram you will have probably seen some of these photos before.

The outside of the boat. 

The view outside. The weather wasn't the best (re: typical grey clouds and wind) but I can imagine it would be absolutely lovely sitting outside on the deck on a hot summer's day.

Of course we have to accompany the French food with a bottle of red wine. My friend's father actually told me I don't get the "Asian flush" when I drink alcohol... I think I have quite a high alcohol tolerance despite me not drinking it often!

For starters myself and the mother both had the Gratinée which consisted of queen scallops, cod, prawns, mushrooms and glazed cheese Béchamel sauce.
My friend beside me had the Queen's scallops glazed with a Champagne and butternut squash sabayon.
Someone else on the table had the most beautifully presented home-smoked salmon and crab which consisted of shredded crab meat with shallots and dill tartare, wood smoked salmon and horseradish Chantilly. Typical I did not get a photo of the nicest looking plate of food.

For mains I had a roast fillet of pork stuffed with chorizo, Dijon mustard sauce and potato confit. (Top left)
My friend's mother had a poached fillet of Icelandic cod stuffed with spinach and a smooth tomato coulis. (Top right)
My friend's father and my elder sister had a roast breast of Gressingham duck, port and green peppercorn sauce. My elder sister asked for her duck to be well done (because she doesn't eat raw food at all) and I think they assumed my friend's father wanted his to be well done too which he didn't. He still said it was delicious though and I'm sure it'd be that fraction bit more delicious if the duck was medium.
And finally, saving the best to last, the mother and my friend both had a roast best end of English beef fillet with tarragon sauce and potatoes Dauphinoise. I had a bite of the mother's steak (which she had medium rare) and it was HEAVENLY. I thought my pork dish was amazing but the steak just blew the pork out of the waters. The steak was pure melt in your mouth deliciousness. I'm gonna put it out there and say it was a lot better than the steak I had at Gauchos. Looking back at that steak just makes me sad because I'm sitting in my flat away from home looking at this photo longing for something I won't be getting for many months. :(
Someone else on the table had a slowly cooked leg of lamb, thyme and garlic jus.

Finally, for dessert I had the best crème brûlée I have EVER had. It was served in a shallow dish which in my opinion is tenfolds better than it getting served in a ramekin dish because rather than having a 9:1 custard to sugar ratio, the proportion was just a lot better. Every scoop of custard base was accompanied with a burnt sugar topping whereas in a ramekin I always have a lot of custard but not enough sugar. I digress. (Top left)
The friend's mother had a warm Normandy apple and Calvados tart with ice cream. I had a bite and it was once again, very very delicious. (Top right)
The mother had a selection of three homemade fruit sorbet. I actually had trouble distinguishing what fruit the two similar coloured sorbets were. The pinky purple scoop was definitely a berry flavour though.
My friend had a nougat glacé which consisted of an iced pistachio and apricot nougat with red fruit coulis. Didn't try this but my friend demolished it no problem.

This was a painful blog post to write because now I am so very hungry (even after having dinner just a few hours ago.) Apologies for any typos or ungrammatical sentences because I cannot bring myself to go through the torture that is proofreading this blog post due to the photos.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Karl Lagerfeld glasses.

We're 3 weeks into 2015 which means there are 49 weeks left until 2016. Where on earth did 2014 go?! I can't believe I'm gonna be finished with uni (as in GRADUATE finish) in less than 4 months. I vividly remember first year uni and the woes that were student accommodation.

December was a very hectic and stressful month for me... I went back to Hong Kong for 2 weeks with the mother because we had to sort out my HK ID card situation. (Which has been successfully sorted). Note that this was in the midst of all my final year uni deadlines. I was literally drowning in work. We actually booked HK for April but we heard that when you hit 21 years old (which I will be by then) you can't claim your adult HK ID card anymore which was why we had to go back in the midst of all my uni deadlines. Thankfully, I submitted every single assignment early so that I could go to Hong Kong with peace of mind.

As a little present for surviving the first term of uni I decided to splurge on some new glasses frames - the KL09 by Karl Lagerfeld. I'm a girl with extreme short sightedness and astigmatism so glasses are pretty important in my daily life. For me, glasses have to be square and not round. Round glasses seem to accentuate my round face even more than it already is.