Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Karl Lagerfeld glasses.

We're 3 weeks into 2015 which means there are 49 weeks left until 2016. Where on earth did 2014 go?! I can't believe I'm gonna be finished with uni (as in GRADUATE finish) in less than 4 months. I vividly remember first year uni and the woes that were student accommodation.

December was a very hectic and stressful month for me... I went back to Hong Kong for 2 weeks with the mother because we had to sort out my HK ID card situation. (Which has been successfully sorted). Note that this was in the midst of all my final year uni deadlines. I was literally drowning in work. We actually booked HK for April but we heard that when you hit 21 years old (which I will be by then) you can't claim your adult HK ID card anymore which was why we had to go back in the midst of all my uni deadlines. Thankfully, I submitted every single assignment early so that I could go to Hong Kong with peace of mind.

As a little present for surviving the first term of uni I decided to splurge on some new glasses frames - the KL09 by Karl Lagerfeld. I'm a girl with extreme short sightedness and astigmatism so glasses are pretty important in my daily life. For me, glasses have to be square and not round. Round glasses seem to accentuate my round face even more than it already is.

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  1. What a hectic in HK! Glad that is solved c;
    And also to hear you've managed to finish
    your assignments as well!
    These lovely new glasses are totally
    deserved! Xx