Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Smack Lobster.

Lets start the post by saying the obligatory "How is it already December?! Where has the time gone?!?!" because honestly, where on earth HAS the time gone!? I can't believe I've already nearly finished the first term of my final year in uni. I have two essays to write before 1) the Christmas holidays start and 2) before I jet off to Hong Kong. Yes, I am going to HK. Next Friday to be precise. It was an unplanned, quite sudden decision - one I was initially not very happy with because it gives me less time to finish my assignments but I can't really push this trip back. Thus is life... it isn't always so smooth sailing.

ANYWAY... Yesterday afternoon, I met my cousin in central and we went for a little (or a big) walk around London, from Winter Wonderland to Covent Garden, and back again towards Selfridges. For dinner, I wanted to hunt down this lobster restaurant I've read about online called "Smack Lobster." Apparently it's the sister restaurant of Burger & Lobster. I've never actually been to Burger & Lobster because it's always crazy busy but Smack Lobster is on the other end of the spectrum - it was pretty darn quiet. Granted, it was a Monday night.

Now onto what we ate:
  • Happy Ending lobster roll - with Japanese mayo, fish sauce, coriander, shredded napa cabbage 
  • California lobster roll - with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, avocado mayo with lime
  • 1 whole lobster (if my memory serves me correctly I think the weight of the lobster is 1lb.)
  • 2x courgette fries
  • 2x soft drinks

Even though the restaurant itself was quiet, I really liked the atmosphere - it was very chilled and relaxed. It's the type of restaurant where you pay, they give you a buzzer, and you collect the food when it's ready - we hardly had time to settle down as the food was ready in like 5-10 minutes. Lobster is probably my favourite shellfish so needless to say I loved it - every part of it. From the lobster, to the brioche bun, to the courgette fries, even the soft drink tasted good! Me and my cousin each had 1 roll (half of each type), we halved the lobster, and we each had 1 portion of the courgette fries. I was very content after I finished, none of that really bloated feeling. My cousin on the other hand was still a bit hungry afterwards (but he has a big appetite in comparison to me) and mentioned that this restaurant is more appropriate for lunch than dinner. Best part is, the bill only came to around £42, which in  my opinion is very reasonable! I'd definitely recommend it and I'd definitely go back.

I forgot to mention that it's located right opposite the front of Selfridges so it's perfect for those of you Christmas shopping around the area and need a spot of lunch! I'm surprised its not as busy as Burger and Lobster with such a prime location.

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