Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New in: Topshop Black Leigh Skinny Jeans.

I went shopping today (4th October 2014) - although when this post goes live it'll probably be a few days later. I didn't buy a lot, but I did buy something significant that I feel is worth blogging about - my first pair of jeans since since high school. I haven't worn, or owned any jeans, for around 5/6 years. To put it simply, I find jeans so uncomfortable, restricting and very unflattering on me. But EVERYTHING has changed now that I've discovered THE game and possibly life changing Topshop Leigh Skinny Jeans (in black, and soon to be in many other colours.) They are honestly the most comfortable pair of jeans EVER - they literally mould to the shape of your legs. If someone were to force me to throw all but one pair of trousers/pants/bottoms from my wardrobe (or as I would like to say - be a suitcase kid - a person who can fit all her clothes into a suitcase (not the type of suitcase kid in Jacqueline Wilson's book - if you know what book I'm referring to)), I would easily be able to throw everything BUT these Leigh jeans away. (Another reason I would choose these over everything else is because they are the most expensive pair of bottoms I own at £38!) To be honest I would have never thought I would ever convert back into wearing jeans but Topshop has proved me wrong. These jeans are overhyped but it is for very good reason. (And I can't believe I've written a paragraph on a pair of jeans lol...)

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