Sunday, 28 September 2014

New in: Nike Free Tr Fit 4.

Long time no post! A lot has happened since my last post in late July. Well firstly, I've started final year uni. That is crazy (and scary!) - it has seriously gone sooo fast. I've also moved into my new flat which is half way between my family home and uni. (Takes me 1hr 15 min to drive home and takes me 1hr 15 min to commute to uni.) I've also found a place to do work experience at home once a week... that means I'm gonna be doing a LOT of traveling between now and Christmas break. Petrol money and train fares are well and truly going to break my bank. On a more exciting note tickets have been booked for me to go to HK next year! I'm going for 3 weeks but I come back the weekend before exams start... that is probably not so good. Gonna have to lug revision stuff in my suitcase -_-. I've only been back to uni one week and I've already got so many deadlines - life has just been so busy that blogging has once again taken the back burner. BUT, I did want to blog about a new pair of trainers I bought today.

Since I'm gonna be so busy this year and I'm gonna be on my feet  so much (excuses excuses) I decided to buy a pair of "work out shoes" - a pair of Nike Free Tr Fit 4's. They are SO comfy and light weight - they are literally like a glove on your foot. I can imagine me wearing them EVERYWHERE because I think they are THE trainers - the colour palette of the trainers is neutral enough for me to wear with my largely monochromatic, everyday clothes. (Honestly I hope I DO get a lot of wear out of them because I'm still trying to justify spending £70+ on a pair of trainers when I don't even gym/work out/run).

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