Friday, 25 July 2014

K's graduation.

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that this morning I had to wake up at silly o clock (5am) with only 3 hours sleep to go to K's (my sibling's) graduation ceremony. It was held in the Royal Festival Hall located in Waterloo. (ConGRADUlations to you if you ever stumble across my blog which I pray to God you do not lol.) 

This is what I wore to the graduation - a dress bought from Yes Style and some shoes from New Look. The struggle is well and truly real (JADE I swear I picked this phrase up from you... I obviously read your blog way too much!) trying to take an outfit shot in London because there's people bloody everywhere. I don't mind the stares but I DO mind people walking right in front of the camera from all different directions which results in many unpostable photo outtakes i.e. it's either 1) blurry 2) I'm pulling a weird face or 3) there's someone coming into the shot. I also feel weird both smiling and pulling a straight face at the camera so I don't really know what kinda face to pull?! I salute y'all regular outfit of the day photo takers (JADE I am referring to you again!) This is my first OOTD post on this blog and I can't see myself taking any more in the near future.

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  1. Hahaha the struggle IS real. (Although maybe not so much in comparison to Nelson Mandela!) I know exactly what you mean about people and moving objects just meandering into outfit photos -_- I had buses every minute going past my uni house. It's' nice to be back home with its quieter corners of the city. Love the dress!! Thought for a second you were graduating but then remembered you're still luckily a student haha. Congrats to K!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic