Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dinner: Salmon Jyu at Eat Tokyo (Holborn).

I mentioned in my previous post that I had a friend visiting from Middlesbrough last weekend and that it was a long weekend of eating and shopping. Well one of the places we went to eat at was the Eat Tokyo at Holborn. I've actually been recommended this restaurant by several different people saying it is the sushi restaurant to go to in London (value and taste wise). I ordered a Salmon Jyu (basically salmon sashimi on rice) for £11 (very reasonable in my opinion) and OMG it was amazingly delicious. OK I may (or may not) be over exaggerating because Japanese food is one of my favourite type of cuisine - especially anything with salmon sashimi.

Another place I like to go for sashimi is a Japanese restaurant called Sensuru in Greenwich - on Sundays they do this like buffet style thing for around £20ish per person from 6:30pm-10pm. The buffet selection is not huge but there is salmon sashimi and how can you say no to pretty much unlimited salmon sashimi?! I really want to go to Japan to do a food tour of the country... it is one of my dream destinations to visit (moreso after watching the documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi!")

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  1. Oh my LORD yes thank you for this review. I am so going here when I'm back in London! Mmmm we have the same tastebuds because sashimi is my favourite too, salmon definitely being up there as the best kind.

    Wasn't Jiro Dreams of Sushi an actual feast for the eyes? I found it so relaxing to watch! I've actually been to Japan and had the real deal sushi from the motherland (as well as that famous wagyu beef) but it was a few years ago and I definitely didn't appreciate it as much as I would do now :( Would love to go back!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic