Monday, 31 March 2014

Kylie has hit her 20's.

As of today (31/03/2014) I, Kylie, am now officially 20 years old. Have a 20 year old Kylie selfie! I feel the older I get, the less I make a big deal over my birthday. I mean when I was younger I literally counted down the months until my birthday but these past few years I haven't really realised how quickly my birthday has come! I didn't celebrate it last year and I didn't celebrate it again this year, mostly because I have a deadline tomorrow. Just spent some quality time by myself. I went to Starbucks for a Soya Hot Chocolate accompanied with a M&S Victoria Sponge slice - my very own birthday cake for one albeit without the 20 candles. I then spent the afternoon in the library and in the evening I spontaneously decided to hop on the DLR to go to Westfield, Stratford to have dinner (Pad Thai for one!) and some delicious Pinkberry froyo. Honestly, having some time to yourself is all you need sometimes - to do some thinking, reflecting, appreciating. Okay now I'm getting all philosophical... anyhow, thank you for all the kind birthday wishes on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. :)

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  1. happy belated birthday! you are a beautiful 20 year old :) birthdays do tend to get quieter as you get older in my experience, but each one usually gets better too. i love that you had some "me time", it sounds like a lovely way to welcome the new decade in. x