Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Street Food: Bill or Beak.

I went to the Greenwich Market today to get my usual Salmon Teriyaki for lunch. BUT, I saw a stall (Bill or Beak) that I've never seen at the Market before and I wanted to see what they had to offer. They said they were here at the Greenwich Food Fest on Monday (I wasn't in London so I didn't get to go) and they were so popular they were asked to come back! They have two burger choices, both are £6:

Bill - Slowly braised duck & pork combined with a smoked paprika dressing, topped with a buttermilk and pickled leek mayo.
Beak - A Vietnamese style dressing over our duck & pork with a coriander, chilli and mint salad finished with tempura batter shallots.

I decided to opt for the Beak because they recommended it for me and said it was more refreshing and less saucy than the Bill. I was honestly very (pleasantly!) surprised at how nice it was! I didn't expect much because I always compare everything I eat to the Salmon Teriyaki I always get but this was probably one of the nicest burgers I have EVER eaten - I kid you not. I'm not even a fan of coriander but I thought it went really well with the burger and the Vietnamese style dressing was on point as well. I was going to post an obligatory half eaten burger shot but I decided against it because it was ugly and I pretty much demolished the burger in 5 minutes lol. I can't wait to try the Bill next time!!

P.S. They do have a website:

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