Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Au naturel make-up.

I really don't understand how girls wear full on make-up every single day of the week. When I say full on make-up I mean like you know those people who wear about 10 different layers on their face every. single. day. I used to be that girl who could not leave the house without extra black, extra winged out eyeliner (think batman on your eyes) but it's so much effort and it gets tedious and to be honest I'd rather spend that extra 20 minutes in bed (hashtag lazyshit LOL.)

Here's my face au naturel i.e. my "no makeup makeup look" with no filter. As long as my skin looks nice and I got my eyebrows on I can happily leave the house.

I'm actually thinking of starting a new "series" (if you wanna call it that) on my blog on my personal weight loss (not diet) tips. I mean I'm by no means overweight (according to the NHS BMI calculator I'm way within the healthy BMI range for my height), I'm just losing weight because I have a desired weight/waist size I want to be (i.e. vanity reasons - stupid I know but whatever.) Maybe I should call it a "healthy lifestyle tips" rather than "weight loss tips" series because it just so happens that I lost weight by changing some aspects of my eating habits. I mean I don't know how strongly correlated those two factors are but in January (last month) I lost 3kg (!!) without extreme dieting or exercising - I kid you not. This also gives me a reason to blog more regularly if I have a series to keep up with on my blog. :P

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Street Food: Bill or Beak.

I went to the Greenwich Market today to get my usual Salmon Teriyaki for lunch. BUT, I saw a stall (Bill or Beak) that I've never seen at the Market before and I wanted to see what they had to offer. They said they were here at the Greenwich Food Fest on Monday (I wasn't in London so I didn't get to go) and they were so popular they were asked to come back! They have two burger choices, both are £6:

Bill - Slowly braised duck & pork combined with a smoked paprika dressing, topped with a buttermilk and pickled leek mayo.
Beak - A Vietnamese style dressing over our duck & pork with a coriander, chilli and mint salad finished with tempura batter shallots.

I decided to opt for the Beak because they recommended it for me and said it was more refreshing and less saucy than the Bill. I was honestly very (pleasantly!) surprised at how nice it was! I didn't expect much because I always compare everything I eat to the Salmon Teriyaki I always get but this was probably one of the nicest burgers I have EVER eaten - I kid you not. I'm not even a fan of coriander but I thought it went really well with the burger and the Vietnamese style dressing was on point as well. I was going to post an obligatory half eaten burger shot but I decided against it because it was ugly and I pretty much demolished the burger in 5 minutes lol. I can't wait to try the Bill next time!!

P.S. They do have a website:

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dinner: Linguine Carbonara at Ask Italian.

Fresh strawberry milkshake
Butterfly king prawns
Linguine carbonara 
Profiteroles al cioccolato  

Went for dinner tonight at Ask Italian. It was good food albeit the service was a bit slow. The butterfly king prawns were AMAZING. Nice buttery and garlicky goodness. The linguine carbonara portion was so big though - I couldn't finish it all! Heading back to uni tomorrow evening. I had such a nice and lazy weekend at home but now I'm coming back to a Philosophy essay due Friday URGH.