Sunday, 26 January 2014


Playsuit :: H&M 
Coat, Scarf, Bag :: Zara 
Creepers :: Underground 

My first outfit post on this blog! That Zara coat/parka is probably my FAVOURITE coat ever. I got it from Hong Kong like 3 years ago I think. I remember it was the last one on the rack AND it was on sale for around £50-£60 BUT the only size they did was XS :(. It is SO flattering and fits me well but only if I don't wear a jumper underneath it because then it would be too tight. Really wish they had it in size small though because then it would be PERFECT. Plus that scarf from Zara is probably my FAVOURITE scarf ever. Super soft, warm, cosy, love the double sided print and it's so big that I sometimes use it as a blanket lol. It's pretty much everything I look for in a scarf.

On another note I had such a nice weekend back at home and I'm most likely gonna go back again this weekend. My homesickness this year is actually crazy. (I wasn't homesick at all in first year!) At the start of second year I probably went home like every weekend for the first few months which killed my bank account because it was like £25 a journey excluding the bus and underground prices! I also trialled contact lenses again when I was at home. The first time I trialled it was a complete and utter fail but this time I think it's gonna go well because 1) I'm going to a different opticians (Specsavers if you wanna know!) and 2) the people at Specsavers are SO nice even though I was in the opticians for like 2 hours trying to put the lenses in (not even an exaggeration) haha. But the main problem is that it's so hard for me to get contacts that cover my prescription because I have real bad astigmatism. I really want laser eye surgery but ££££££££. -_-

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2014 new years resolution?

Happy (very very) belated Christmas and New Years!

This is the time of year when I usually announce "I'm gonna lose XX amount of kg" for my New Years resolution. Every time I make that my NYR, I fail to achieve it. Probably because 1) I love food, 2) I do no exercise unless walking to uni or going shopping counts and 3) the amount of kg I aim to lose is a bit unrealistic.

BUT despite that I've decided I'm gonna actively try to achieve it this year because for some reason I've already lost 2-3kg over Christmas. I have no idea how because I've been eating double what I usually eat at uni since I was home for the whole month of Christmas break! Maybe the scales are broken but let's just pretend I did shed that weight lol. I'm not gonna deprive myself of any food though because that just makes me crave it even more! I'm just gonna eat in moderation (i.e. not finish a whole sharing pack of crisps in one sitting), eat healthier and (try to) eat out less.

I'll probably know within the next few months whether I'll be able to achieve this resolution or not so let's just see how it goes.