Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Smack Lobster.

Lets start the post by saying the obligatory "How is it already December?! Where has the time gone?!?!" because honestly, where on earth HAS the time gone!? I can't believe I've already nearly finished the first term of my final year in uni. I have two essays to write before 1) the Christmas holidays start and 2) before I jet off to Hong Kong. Yes, I am going to HK. Next Friday to be precise. It was an unplanned, quite sudden decision - one I was initially not very happy with because it gives me less time to finish my assignments but I can't really push this trip back. Thus is life... it isn't always so smooth sailing.

ANYWAY... Yesterday afternoon, I met my cousin in central and we went for a little (or a big) walk around London, from Winter Wonderland to Covent Garden, and back again towards Selfridges. For dinner, I wanted to hunt down this lobster restaurant I've read about online called "Smack Lobster." Apparently it's the sister restaurant of Burger & Lobster. I've never actually been to Burger & Lobster because it's always crazy busy but Smack Lobster is on the other end of the spectrum - it was pretty darn quiet. Granted, it was a Monday night.

Now onto what we ate:
  • Happy Ending lobster roll - with Japanese mayo, fish sauce, coriander, shredded napa cabbage 
  • California lobster roll - with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, avocado mayo with lime
  • 1 whole lobster (if my memory serves me correctly I think the weight of the lobster is 1lb.)
  • 2x courgette fries
  • 2x soft drinks

Even though the restaurant itself was quiet, I really liked the atmosphere - it was very chilled and relaxed. It's the type of restaurant where you pay, they give you a buzzer, and you collect the food when it's ready - we hardly had time to settle down as the food was ready in like 5-10 minutes. Lobster is probably my favourite shellfish so needless to say I loved it - every part of it. From the lobster, to the brioche bun, to the courgette fries, even the soft drink tasted good! Me and my cousin each had 1 roll (half of each type), we halved the lobster, and we each had 1 portion of the courgette fries. I was very content after I finished, none of that really bloated feeling. My cousin on the other hand was still a bit hungry afterwards (but he has a big appetite in comparison to me) and mentioned that this restaurant is more appropriate for lunch than dinner. Best part is, the bill only came to around £42, which in  my opinion is very reasonable! I'd definitely recommend it and I'd definitely go back.

I forgot to mention that it's located right opposite the front of Selfridges so it's perfect for those of you Christmas shopping around the area and need a spot of lunch! I'm surprised its not as busy as Burger and Lobster with such a prime location.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Healthy Tip #1 - Eat from a small bowl.

If you eat from a small bowl and fill it up to the brim, it looks like you're eating a lot more than you actually are.

My very own super tasty super salad recipe: roasted sweet potato, roasted courgette, tomato, spinach, sweetcured smoked mackerel, tsp of reduced fat caesar sauce. (I mean what's a salad without sauce?!)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

THE cereal.

This is probably by far the random(est) post you will ever see posted on this blog. But like they say... happiness shared is happiness doubled because this discovery has made me pretty happy. What a better way to start November than to find the one in terms of cereal.
"Sweet caramel cereal clusters, sprinkled with buttery shortbread pieces, chocolate coated caramel fudge and chewy chocolate coated caramel."
I'm not even a big cereal girl but I can assure you it tastes as good (and is as indulgent) as it sounds - thus why I've dedicated an entire blog post to it for future reference to myself and to recommend it for everyone else who isn't a cereal convert like me. Diet? What diet?!?

I can officially say I have now found a reason to get up in the mornings. (As I type this blog post it is currently 6:45am.) This + almond milk = match made in heaven.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

New in: Black and White checked Zara scarf.

Continuing on with the monochromatic theme from my previous two posts (with the Topshop black Leigh skinny jeans and the Wolf grey Nike Free trainers), I bought a new black and white checked, super, super, SUPER soft scarf from Zara (I can't seem to find the exact one on the Zara website but here's the beige and pink version.) In my humble opinion, Zara do the BEST scarves on the high street. The last scarf I bought was from their A/W range from last year.  Recently, I've been aiming for efficiency and comfort over anything else in regards to my clothes/outfits because when you wake up at 6am in the morning and have a very stressful 1+hour commute ahead of you, looking good is not top on your priority, whereas comfort is very important. But since I have a very monochromatic and neutral wardrobe, it means I can pretty much mix and match all the items in my wardrobe and still look somewhat presentable and chic and not too atrocious. Lately, I've been investing in some very (dare I say again...) comfortable, timeless and sturdy pieces to add to my wardrobe which I know I will get a lot of wear out of (referring back to the pair of Nike trainers in my last post, I would just like to mention I have worn them pretty much EVERYDAY since I bought them.) Michelle also mentioned about creating a capsule wardrobe due to her imminent move to Hong Kong. Likewise, I'm thinking it's time to purge my closet again and only keep the bare essentials.

P.S. A big fat thank you to Sin for drawing the picture in my new header. I originally received it as a doodle from her but I loved it so much that I wanted to incorporate it into my blog header (after she did a few tweaks)! The short story behind the picture is (in case it isn't obvious), the picture is of me. And a fun fact about me is that Pandas are my favourite animal, and thus the Panda outfit.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New in: Topshop Black Leigh Skinny Jeans.

I went shopping today (4th October 2014) - although when this post goes live it'll probably be a few days later. I didn't buy a lot, but I did buy something significant that I feel is worth blogging about - my first pair of jeans since since high school. I haven't worn, or owned any jeans, for around 5/6 years. To put it simply, I find jeans so uncomfortable, restricting and very unflattering on me. But EVERYTHING has changed now that I've discovered THE game and possibly life changing Topshop Leigh Skinny Jeans (in black, and soon to be in many other colours.) They are honestly the most comfortable pair of jeans EVER - they literally mould to the shape of your legs. If someone were to force me to throw all but one pair of trousers/pants/bottoms from my wardrobe (or as I would like to say - be a suitcase kid - a person who can fit all her clothes into a suitcase (not the type of suitcase kid in Jacqueline Wilson's book - if you know what book I'm referring to)), I would easily be able to throw everything BUT these Leigh jeans away. (Another reason I would choose these over everything else is because they are the most expensive pair of bottoms I own at £38!) To be honest I would have never thought I would ever convert back into wearing jeans but Topshop has proved me wrong. These jeans are overhyped but it is for very good reason. (And I can't believe I've written a paragraph on a pair of jeans lol...)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

New in: Nike Free Tr Fit 4.

Long time no post! A lot has happened since my last post in late July. Well firstly, I've started final year uni. That is crazy (and scary!) - it has seriously gone sooo fast. I've also moved into my new flat which is half way between my family home and uni. (Takes me 1hr 15 min to drive home and takes me 1hr 15 min to commute to uni.) I've also found a place to do work experience at home once a week... that means I'm gonna be doing a LOT of traveling between now and Christmas break. Petrol money and train fares are well and truly going to break my bank. On a more exciting note tickets have been booked for me to go to HK next year! I'm going for 3 weeks but I come back the weekend before exams start... that is probably not so good. Gonna have to lug revision stuff in my suitcase -_-. I've only been back to uni one week and I've already got so many deadlines - life has just been so busy that blogging has once again taken the back burner. BUT, I did want to blog about a new pair of trainers I bought today.

Since I'm gonna be so busy this year and I'm gonna be on my feet  so much (excuses excuses) I decided to buy a pair of "work out shoes" - a pair of Nike Free Tr Fit 4's. They are SO comfy and light weight - they are literally like a glove on your foot. I can imagine me wearing them EVERYWHERE because I think they are THE trainers - the colour palette of the trainers is neutral enough for me to wear with my largely monochromatic, everyday clothes. (Honestly I hope I DO get a lot of wear out of them because I'm still trying to justify spending £70+ on a pair of trainers when I don't even gym/work out/run).

Friday, 25 July 2014

K's graduation.

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that this morning I had to wake up at silly o clock (5am) with only 3 hours sleep to go to K's (my sibling's) graduation ceremony. It was held in the Royal Festival Hall located in Waterloo. (ConGRADUlations to you if you ever stumble across my blog which I pray to God you do not lol.) 

This is what I wore to the graduation - a dress bought from Yes Style and some shoes from New Look. The struggle is well and truly real (JADE I swear I picked this phrase up from you... I obviously read your blog way too much!) trying to take an outfit shot in London because there's people bloody everywhere. I don't mind the stares but I DO mind people walking right in front of the camera from all different directions which results in many unpostable photo outtakes i.e. it's either 1) blurry 2) I'm pulling a weird face or 3) there's someone coming into the shot. I also feel weird both smiling and pulling a straight face at the camera so I don't really know what kinda face to pull?! I salute y'all regular outfit of the day photo takers (JADE I am referring to you again!) This is my first OOTD post on this blog and I can't see myself taking any more in the near future.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dinner: Five Guys.

My new favourite Burger joint. The lines for this place are MASSIVE (as in both the times I've been there the queue goes all the way outside and round the building). But don't let it put you off because it goes quite quickly. The first time I went with my cousins, I got the Hamburger with all the toppings and to me, it was "the burger of all burgers." It's not a fancy burger by any means after all it IS a fast restaurant chain but, it is a damn good burger. We also ordered a large normal fries and a large Cajun style fries between 5 people - the Cajun style fries in particular were my favourite. The price is also so reasonable for the portion - if I remember correctly a large portion of fries that is big enough for like 3 people is £5. Since my first trip I've actually gone back by myself just for the Cajun style fries because they were THAT good. The lady who served me was like "Just fries?! Nothing else??? No drink???" and I was like "Yup! Just a small Cajun style fries please!" Haha. If I had to bring a friend to a burger restaurant I think I would definitely opt for Five Guys.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dinner: Salmon Jyu at Eat Tokyo (Holborn).

I mentioned in my previous post that I had a friend visiting from Middlesbrough last weekend and that it was a long weekend of eating and shopping. Well one of the places we went to eat at was the Eat Tokyo at Holborn. I've actually been recommended this restaurant by several different people saying it is the sushi restaurant to go to in London (value and taste wise). I ordered a Salmon Jyu (basically salmon sashimi on rice) for £11 (very reasonable in my opinion) and OMG it was amazingly delicious. OK I may (or may not) be over exaggerating because Japanese food is one of my favourite type of cuisine - especially anything with salmon sashimi.

Another place I like to go for sashimi is a Japanese restaurant called Sensuru in Greenwich - on Sundays they do this like buffet style thing for around £20ish per person from 6:30pm-10pm. The buffet selection is not huge but there is salmon sashimi and how can you say no to pretty much unlimited salmon sashimi?! I really want to go to Japan to do a food tour of the country... it is one of my dream destinations to visit (moreso after watching the documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi!")

Monday, 7 April 2014

New in: MAC Ravishing & Jack Wills Fullford tee.

My friend from Middlesbrough was down in London this past weekend (she's going home tomorrow) which meant a long weekend of eating and shopping (not that I'm complaining!) Some of the more notable things I bought includes this Jack Wills Fullford tee in the most gorgeous shade of white - yes, white does indeed come in several different shades! I was debating on whether to get the size 6 or 8 but I decided I'd rather have it more loose fitting than form fitting so I opted for 8. Good call on my part because I wore it today and I love the fit of the tee and it is so light and comfy. It's just a perfect simple tee for the summer - if summer ever comes that is!

I also bought a MAC cremesheen lipstick in Ravishing - a very wearable orange colour. I want to start a collection of MAC lipsticks but at around £15 a stick, I'll have to hold back from visiting MAC too often.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Dinner: Penne Carbonara at Jamie's Italian.

I had my last uni lecture yesterday and today I submitted my penultimate piece of assessment - now all that's left of second year is a report to write and 4 exams and then I am free for summer!! Of course this calls for early celebrations (I'll just wish away my report deadline and my revision in the meantime). Me and my friend went to Jamie's Italian @ Greenwich for a late lunch/early dinner to "celebrate" our last lecture together and our birthdays (mine was on the 31st March, hers on the 7th April). In case you haven't figured it out, my favourite Italian dish is Carbonara (as seen here at Ask Italian, and here at Vapianos) and of course I, as well as my friend, ordered the Penne Carbonara at Jamie's. We also shared two sides - the Funky Chips (below left - with fresh garlic and parsley) and the Polenta Chips (below right - crispy fried with rosemary salt and parmesan.) The Polenta Chips were good but not as good as the Funky chips - the Funky ones were without a doubt the chip of all chips. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Kylie has hit her 20's.

As of today (31/03/2014) I, Kylie, am now officially 20 years old. Have a 20 year old Kylie selfie! I feel the older I get, the less I make a big deal over my birthday. I mean when I was younger I literally counted down the months until my birthday but these past few years I haven't really realised how quickly my birthday has come! I didn't celebrate it last year and I didn't celebrate it again this year, mostly because I have a deadline tomorrow. Just spent some quality time by myself. I went to Starbucks for a Soya Hot Chocolate accompanied with a M&S Victoria Sponge slice - my very own birthday cake for one albeit without the 20 candles. I then spent the afternoon in the library and in the evening I spontaneously decided to hop on the DLR to go to Westfield, Stratford to have dinner (Pad Thai for one!) and some delicious Pinkberry froyo. Honestly, having some time to yourself is all you need sometimes - to do some thinking, reflecting, appreciating. Okay now I'm getting all philosophical... anyhow, thank you for all the kind birthday wishes on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. :)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Street Food: Lobster Buoy.

I stumbled across another new stall I saw at the Greenwich Market today called "Lobster Buoy." It was nothing spectacular - just a nice, basic, lobster roll. Albeit a bit pricey for such a small portion. The next stall on my "to try list" is one selling Kimchi Burgers.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Dinner: The Byronosaurus Rex at Byron.

I went to Byron late Monday afternoon after my haircut to grab some late lunch/early dinner. I ordered the limited edition Byronosaurus Rex/B-Rex burger (only available from 25th February - 28th April) as well as some courgette fries. The courgette fries were the BOMB.

B-Rex - 6oz hamburger, onion ring, crispy smoked bacon, American cheese, jalapeños, pickles, onions, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise - £10.25

You know you're a foodie when you go into a restaurant by yourself and ask for a table for 1! But on another more serious note, I think I should go on a "restaurant" ban because I spend way too much money eating out lol.

Monday, 17 March 2014

An extremely overdue haircut.

I finally got my haircut today. For the first time in over 2 years. My hair used to be down to my bum and now it's an inch or so below my boob (as in the picture above). I was quite (very) nervous when I went into the hairdressers because honestly, I just don't like them. I literally walked in not knowing what I wanted other than having all my dead ends chopped off. I left it up to the hairdresser to decide what to do with my hair, all I told her was I wanted to keep as much of the length as possible. If I had to describe my hair pre-haircut it would be extremely thick, shapeless, very unmanageable and that there's a lot of it. I'm actually quite happy with the end result. I now have some long layers at the back of my hair and I also have some hair framing my face. I still think it needs some getting used to but at least I don't hate it. The best part is that my head no longer feels weighed down with copious amounts of hair. BUT (there is always a but when it comes to a haircut), it was hella expensive... I paid £46.40, which I personally think is really unreasonable for just a haircut. -_-

Pre-haircut vs. Post-haircut 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

New start (ish.)

Guys, I've lost all my photos from my posts in 2012-2013 because I didn't know Blogger was somehow synched with Google Plus (!!) and stuff happened and it resulted in all my posts pre-2014 being deleted. What even is Google Plus?! To this day, I still have no idea what its function is. -_-

Enough of me ranting, I mean it's not as if I can recover all my lost posts. Lets end this post on a high by saying how wonderful the weather is today?! I could actually go outside with no coat/jacket/scarf. I am ready to embrace spring in all its glory now. The sun makes me happy so here's a smiling "selfie," dimples and all. I've started taking more selfies since getting contacts, which, I have to mention, are pretty life changing (once you get the hang of putting them in your eyes that is - I still need like at least 10 mins to put my contacts in LOL). I'm really liking the natural "no make-up make-up" look nowadays.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Au naturel make-up.

I really don't understand how girls wear full on make-up every single day of the week. When I say full on make-up I mean like you know those people who wear about 10 different layers on their face every. single. day. I used to be that girl who could not leave the house without extra black, extra winged out eyeliner (think batman on your eyes) but it's so much effort and it gets tedious and to be honest I'd rather spend that extra 20 minutes in bed (hashtag lazyshit LOL.)

Here's my face au naturel i.e. my "no makeup makeup look" with no filter. As long as my skin looks nice and I got my eyebrows on I can happily leave the house.

I'm actually thinking of starting a new "series" (if you wanna call it that) on my blog on my personal weight loss (not diet) tips. I mean I'm by no means overweight (according to the NHS BMI calculator I'm way within the healthy BMI range for my height), I'm just losing weight because I have a desired weight/waist size I want to be (i.e. vanity reasons - stupid I know but whatever.) Maybe I should call it a "healthy lifestyle tips" rather than "weight loss tips" series because it just so happens that I lost weight by changing some aspects of my eating habits. I mean I don't know how strongly correlated those two factors are but in January (last month) I lost 3kg (!!) without extreme dieting or exercising - I kid you not. This also gives me a reason to blog more regularly if I have a series to keep up with on my blog. :P

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Street Food: Bill or Beak.

I went to the Greenwich Market today to get my usual Salmon Teriyaki for lunch. BUT, I saw a stall (Bill or Beak) that I've never seen at the Market before and I wanted to see what they had to offer. They said they were here at the Greenwich Food Fest on Monday (I wasn't in London so I didn't get to go) and they were so popular they were asked to come back! They have two burger choices, both are £6:

Bill - Slowly braised duck & pork combined with a smoked paprika dressing, topped with a buttermilk and pickled leek mayo.
Beak - A Vietnamese style dressing over our duck & pork with a coriander, chilli and mint salad finished with tempura batter shallots.

I decided to opt for the Beak because they recommended it for me and said it was more refreshing and less saucy than the Bill. I was honestly very (pleasantly!) surprised at how nice it was! I didn't expect much because I always compare everything I eat to the Salmon Teriyaki I always get but this was probably one of the nicest burgers I have EVER eaten - I kid you not. I'm not even a fan of coriander but I thought it went really well with the burger and the Vietnamese style dressing was on point as well. I was going to post an obligatory half eaten burger shot but I decided against it because it was ugly and I pretty much demolished the burger in 5 minutes lol. I can't wait to try the Bill next time!!

P.S. They do have a website: www.billorbeak.co.uk

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dinner: Linguine Carbonara at Ask Italian.

Fresh strawberry milkshake
Butterfly king prawns
Linguine carbonara 
Profiteroles al cioccolato  

Went for dinner tonight at Ask Italian. It was good food albeit the service was a bit slow. The butterfly king prawns were AMAZING. Nice buttery and garlicky goodness. The linguine carbonara portion was so big though - I couldn't finish it all! Heading back to uni tomorrow evening. I had such a nice and lazy weekend at home but now I'm coming back to a Philosophy essay due Friday URGH.

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Playsuit :: H&M 
Coat, Scarf, Bag :: Zara 
Creepers :: Underground 

My first outfit post on this blog! That Zara coat/parka is probably my FAVOURITE coat ever. I got it from Hong Kong like 3 years ago I think. I remember it was the last one on the rack AND it was on sale for around £50-£60 BUT the only size they did was XS :(. It is SO flattering and fits me well but only if I don't wear a jumper underneath it because then it would be too tight. Really wish they had it in size small though because then it would be PERFECT. Plus that scarf from Zara is probably my FAVOURITE scarf ever. Super soft, warm, cosy, love the double sided print and it's so big that I sometimes use it as a blanket lol. It's pretty much everything I look for in a scarf.

On another note I had such a nice weekend back at home and I'm most likely gonna go back again this weekend. My homesickness this year is actually crazy. (I wasn't homesick at all in first year!) At the start of second year I probably went home like every weekend for the first few months which killed my bank account because it was like £25 a journey excluding the bus and underground prices! I also trialled contact lenses again when I was at home. The first time I trialled it was a complete and utter fail but this time I think it's gonna go well because 1) I'm going to a different opticians (Specsavers if you wanna know!) and 2) the people at Specsavers are SO nice even though I was in the opticians for like 2 hours trying to put the lenses in (not even an exaggeration) haha. But the main problem is that it's so hard for me to get contacts that cover my prescription because I have real bad astigmatism. I really want laser eye surgery but ££££££££. -_-

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2014 new years resolution?

Happy (very very) belated Christmas and New Years!

This is the time of year when I usually announce "I'm gonna lose XX amount of kg" for my New Years resolution. Every time I make that my NYR, I fail to achieve it. Probably because 1) I love food, 2) I do no exercise unless walking to uni or going shopping counts and 3) the amount of kg I aim to lose is a bit unrealistic.

BUT despite that I've decided I'm gonna actively try to achieve it this year because for some reason I've already lost 2-3kg over Christmas. I have no idea how because I've been eating double what I usually eat at uni since I was home for the whole month of Christmas break! Maybe the scales are broken but let's just pretend I did shed that weight lol. I'm not gonna deprive myself of any food though because that just makes me crave it even more! I'm just gonna eat in moderation (i.e. not finish a whole sharing pack of crisps in one sitting), eat healthier and (try to) eat out less.

I'll probably know within the next few months whether I'll be able to achieve this resolution or not so let's just see how it goes.